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Leatherette Patch Mystery Pack

Leatherette Patch Mystery Pack

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Roll the dice and take a chance with our Mystery Packs.  These are priced to MOVE!  These could be retired designs, current designs, or designs that we just tried out and didn't drop to the website.  

When choosing a "General" theme, there will be no political, seasonal, or religious designs included in those packs. 

Mystery Packs are sold in packs of 10:

1 pack = 5 patches

2 packs = 10 patches

10 packs = 50 patches

If you choose:

YES MULTIPLES - This means you will receive multiples of each of the design.  Usually no more than 3 of a design.  

NO MULTIPLES - This means you will receive 5 different designs.

**If you buy multiple packs of the same type, there is a HIGH chance you will get repeating designs between the packs**

This is an adhesive leather patch only.  Can be applied with an iron or a heat press. All of our products are ready to ship and will ship out same or next day, Monday through Friday. 

Heat Press Instructions:
- 240F-250F
-10-15 seconds
- Let the patch cool then check the edges

Home Iron Instructions:
- Use the highest heat setting, do NOT use water in the iron
- Cover patch with thin cloth to protect the leather from the direct iron
- Press with medium pressure for 20-25 seconds
-Let the patch cool and then check the edges
-Repeat the process if needed

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