Pressing Instructions

Our screen print transfers are best used with a heat press.  We DO NOT recommend using a Cricut press or home iron.  While home irons can achieve the heat needed, they cannot achieve the pressure needed to ensure the longevity of a print.  Some have found success, but this is at your own risk

Make sure your pressure is as high as it can be. Heat your press up to the correct pressing temperature.

For single and full color transfers, 325 F - 350 F, 10 seconds.

For puff prints, 350 F, 7 seconds.

For full color transfers on a white carrier sheet, 325 F, 7 seconds.

For full color and glow in the dark on w clear carrier sheet, 320 F, 12-15 seconds. 

Always start at a lower temperature and work up as needed.  Every heat press is different, and it may take a couple times to find what works best for your particular press.

Pre-press your garment for 5 seconds to remove any moisture.  Moisture in the garment can cause peeling in the future. 

Lay your transfer ink side down on your garment. You can then press.  Peel back the carrier sheet immediately, while hot.  Go slow to ensure the ink is fully released off the carrier sheet. For single color prints, If you notice it does not release easily, repress for another 5 seconds. Do not continue to take off the sheet.  Lay it back down and repress! If the problem continues, check your pressure... you may need to add more.  Most problems are solved by adding more pressure.  

With onesies, most problems are because of pressure.  The seams of the onesie - the collar, sleeves, sides, and bottom. seams - make it hard to get the pressure on the design.  We suggest putting something inside the onesie to raise the part you are pressing up above those seams.  We suggest a cardboard square or a small pressing pillow.  That will allow the press to put pressure on the screen print versus the pressure going to those seams.  

*Do not wash the garment for 24 hours after pressing.*

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