Chenille Pressing Instructions

Place the patch on the garment with the design facing up.  Cover with a cloth to avoid the chenille from being flattened.  A dish towel or blank shirt works great.  Press at 350F to 375F for 15-20 seconds.   

If you are pressing on a onesie, the seams of the onesie - the collar, sleeves, sides, and bottom. seams - make it hard to get the pressure on the design.  We suggest putting something inside the onesie to raise the part you are pressing up above those seams.  We use a cardboard square or a small pressing pillow.  That will allow the press to put pressure on the screen print versus the pressure going to those seams.  

Once done send us a pic at!  We'd love to see your creation!

*Do not wash the garment for 24 hours after pressing.*

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